GOLDWATER, Barry Morris, 1909-1998

Courtesy U.S. Senate Historical Office

Guide to Research Collections

American Jewish Archives

Cincinnati, Ohio
Papers: 1963 August 8 and 1991 November 26. 2 items. Letter re possibility of running again for President and letter detailing Jewish heritage.

Arizona Historical Foundation
Arizona State University Hayden Library
Tempe, AZ
Papers: 1880’s-2008. 1180 linear feet and 472 microfilm reels. Personal and political papers including general, political, and constituent correspondence, legislative files, committee files, reports, invitations, speeches, news articles, press releases, schedules, campaign records, voting records, scrapbooks, photographs (30 linear feet), and 204 cassettes, films, records, and tapes. Arranged in five series: personal, presidential campaign, legislative, constituent services, administrative, media, and artifacts, memorabilia and oversized material. Topics include Arizona subjects, John Birch Society, conservatism, civil rights, Indian affairs, military affairs, Central Arizona project and water issues, politics, 1964 presidential campaign, and military affairs. Some restrictions, contact repository. Over 5000 color slides of Goldwater’s presidential campaign, 150 scrapbooks of news clippings, rare photographs, and microfilm have been digitized. Goldwater Fine Arts photographs and Historic photographs are fully catalogued. Finding aid available online.

Additional Papers: In Goldwater family papers, 1828-1989. 37 linear feet. Correspondence, documents, business papers, and memorabilia.

Arizona Historical Society
Tucson, AZ
Papers: 1875-1968. 4 inches. Materials relating to career and family, speeches, clippings, and a few business papers.

Additional Papers: Correspondence and campaign records in Dean Burch papers, 1963-1968.

Broadcast Pioneers Library
University of Maryland Hornbake Library
College Park, MD
Papers: 38 audiotapes (1961-1975) in Westinghouse Broadcasting Company collection, 1945-1981.

California State Archives
State Government Oral History Program
Sacramento, CA
Oral History: Discussed in William B. Ross interview (1990), 322 pages; and Herbert M. Baus interview (1989,1990), 323 pages. Name indexes.

Chicago Historical Society
Chicago, IL
Papers: Correspondence in Clarence Manion papers, 1922-1965. Finding aid.

Clemson University
Special Collections
Clemson, SC
Papers: In Strom Thurmond papers, 1840-ongoing, scrapbooks and campaigns series.

Columbia University
Oral History Project
New York, NY
Oral History: 1967. 1 reel; 81 leaves. Chiefly concerning presidency of Eisenhower; Senate Campaign Committee; Republican party; and impressions of Sherman Adams, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Taft, and William Knowland. Goldwater also is discussed in several interviews.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
New York, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Spruille Braden papers, 1903-1977; and Stein and Day Publishers records, 1963-1988.

Cornell University Libraries
Rare Books and Manuscript Collections
Ithaca, NY
Papers: 1964-1965. 8 reels positive, 8 reels negative microfilm. Largely 1964 campaign letters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other materials from various sources, including Republican National Committee members, national and local political figures, and individual voters and their children. Subjects include conservatism, the Republican Naional Commmittee, gun control, medicare, civil rights, and the John Birch Society. Additional papers include transcriptions of campaign speeches in Republican National Committee public relations records, 1913-1966 (bulk 1960-1966), permission needed; correspondence in Deane Waldo Malott papers, 1894-1984 (bulk 1959-1992); Karl Douglas Butler papers, 1931-1984; F. Clifton White papers, 1952-1970; Lincoln Republicans records, 1964; and Frederick Boyce Bryant Republican party correspondence, 1956-1967.

Dakota State University
Karl E. Mundt Library
Madison, SD
Oral History: August 8, 1972. 6 pages.

Eastern Washington State Historical Society
Spokane, WA
Papers: Correspondence, audio tapes of speeches, advertisements, clippings, and ephemera relating to Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign in Luke G. Williams papers, 1946-1983.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
Abilene, KS
Oral History: 1967. 81 leaves. Copy of oral history at Columbia University.

Emory University
Robert W. Woodruff Library
Atlanta, GA
Papers: In Ralph McGill papers, 1853-1971.

Gerald R. Ford Library
Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: 1974-1977. Correspondence and briefing papers. Finding aid.

Hagley Museum and Library
Greenville, DE
Papers: In Maurice du Pont Lee papers, 1900-1973 (bulk 1952-1972); Pew family papers, 1817-1965; and Jasper E. Crane papers, 1893-1970.

Harvard University
Law School Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Roscoe Pound papers, 1888-1964 (bulk 1910-1964).

Herbert Hoover Library
West Branch, IA
Papers: 1938-1964. 2 folders. Letters to and from Hoover.

Oral History: 11 pages.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
Stanford, CA
Oral History: 1971. 11 pages.

Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, IN
Papers: In Susan McWhirter Ostrom papers, 1843-1980.

Indiana State Library
Indianapolis, IN
Papers: In Kurt F. Pantzer papers, 1878-1979.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Austin, TX
Oral History: 1971. 38 pages. Closed.

John F. Kennedy Library
Boston, MA
Oral History: 1965. 27 pages. Closed.

Louisiana State University
Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
Baton Rouge, LA
Papers: In Charlton Havard Lyons papers, 1942-1973.

National Archives and Records Administration

Washington, DC
Papers: Over 550 entries on the National Archives On-line catalog ( including textual, sound recordings, photograph, and moving image collections at the Washington DC archives and Presidential Libraries.

New York University
Tamiment Institute Library
New York, NY
Papers: In William John Fielding papers, 1912-1973.

Rockefeller Archive Center

Sleepy Hollow, NY
Papers: 1959-1965. Ca. 2.5 feet. Speeches, interviews, and press conferences in Record Group 15, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Gubernatorial Series 22, New York Office, Subseries 2, Campaign for the 1964 Republican Presidential Nomination.

Sioux City Public Museum
Sioux City, IA
Papers: Correspondence in Thomas Barnett Huff papers, 1907-1968.

South Carolina Historical Society
Charleston, SC
Papers: Correspondence in Thomas R. Waring papers, ca. 1950-1977.

Stanford University Libraries
Special Collections
Stanford, CA
Papers: In Manuel Ruiz papers, 1931-1986.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Archives Division
Madison, WI
Papers: In William Howard Lawrence papers, 1936-1972; William J. Grede papers, 1909-1979, written permission needed until 1999; Thomas E. Coleman papers, 1914-1964, restricted; Republican Party Wisconsin records, 1938-1988; Wisconsin Governor Reynolds records, 1954-1964; David Schoenbrun papers, 1963-1978; Morrie Ryskind papers, 1927-1978; Richard Halsworth Rovere papers, 1931-1968; a sound recording, “The dynamic philosophy of a great American” (1964); Clark R. Mollenhoff papers, 1936-1990; Robert MacNeil papers, 1956-1988; and Wayne J. Hood papers, 1947-1968.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library
Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: Correspondence in George Francis Lemble papers, 1958-1968; George Wilcken Romney papers, 1939-1973; and Stella Brunt Osborn papers, 1916-1983. Finding aid.

University of Oklahoma
Carl Albert Center Congressional Archives
Norman, OK
Papers: Correspondence in Jack Bell papers, 1937-1940.

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Papers: Correspondence in Granville F. Knight papers, 1920-1981 (bulk 1960-1075); and Ashley E. Holden papers, 1910-1976.

University of Texas
Briscoe Center for American History
Austin, TX
Papers: 1949-1965. 31.75 feet. Campaign files for Goldwater’s 1952 and 1958 Senate campaigns and 1964 presidential primary effort in the Stephen Shadegg/Barry Goldwater Collection. Finding aid on-line.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library
Charlottesville, VA
Papers: In Woodford McClellan papers, 1969-1978 (bulk 1972-1978); and Hugh Scott papers, 1925-1983. Finding aid.

University of Wyoming
American Heritage Center
Laramie, WY
Papers: Correspondence in Eugene L. Vidal papers, 1924 1969. Finding aid.

Yale University Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives
New Haven, CT
Papers: In Max Lerner papers, 1927-1980; “Firing Line With William Buckley” transcripts, on microfiche; John Sylvester Fischer papers, 1907-1980; George Howard Edward Smith papers, 1917-1962; and Hanson Weightman Baldwin papers, 1929-1988.