DAVIS, Jefferson, 1808-1889

Library of Congress

Guide to Research Collections

Alabama Department of Archives and History
Montgomery, AL
Papers: Miscellaneous items in various collections including Elise Virginia Jones Vass reminiscences, undated; Charles T. Pollard confederate officers photograph album, undated; Davis’ funeral procession photographs, 1893; correspondence in William Joseph Hardee papers, [186-]-[1962]; and Alabama governor military correspondence, 1860-1861. Also photographs and portrait.

Atlanta History Center
Atlanta, GA
Papers: 1862-1894. .5 cubic foot. Bound volume of letters, in part photocopies, of Jefferson Davis, Varina Howell Davis, and Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis to Sidney Root and members of his family; and an autograph book.

Alabama Department of Archives and History
Montgomery, AL
Papers: Correspondence in William Lowndes Yancey papers, 1834-1941; Semmes family papers, 1859-1913; photographs in various collections; and discussed in correspondence in numerous collections.

American Catholic Historical Society
St. Charles Seminary
Philadelphia, PA
Papers: Correspondence in Walter George Smith papers, 1775-1972. Appointment necessary.

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 28 items.

Brown University
Providence, RI
Papers: In John Milton Hay correspondence, 1854-1914.

Chicago Historical Society
Chicago, IL
Papers: 1847-1889. Ca. 50 items. Correspondence, commissions, and other papers relating to the Confederacy. Correspondence includes letters by Davis regarding the Mexican and Civil Wars, family matters, and his life subsequent to the Civil War, and letters to Davis relating to the army and the Confederacy. An additional 70 miscellaneous items in various collections.

Duke University
Special Collections Library
Durham, NC
Papers: 1841-1938. 695 items. Chiefly personal and official correspondence, photographs, and portraits. Ante-bellum letters refer to political parties and questions, the slavery controversy, the Mormons, and election to the Senate. Civil War letters comprise the bulk of the material including secession and the formation of the Confederacy, military and naval operations, and foreign and internal affairs. Finding aid.

Additional Papers: Correspondence in John Warwick Daniel papers, 1849-1910 (bulk 1865-1910).

Emory University
Robert W. Woodruff Library
Atlanta, GA
Papers: 1846-1905. 120 items. Correspondence from and to Davis.

Additional Papers: Correspondence in Alexander Hamilton Stephens papers, 1821-1969; Joseph Francis Burke papers, 1832-1929; G.T. Beauregard papers, 1861-1893; and discussed in correspondence in numerous collections.

Filson Club Historical Society
Louisville, KY
Papers: Miscellaneous letters and references in various collections.

Harvard University
Fogg Art Museum
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Mathew Brady photographs, 1860.

Historic New Orleans Collection
New Orleans, LA
Papers: September 25, 1851. 1 letter. Written by a third party for Davis to R.P. Anderson requesting that Anderson make arrangements for delivery of his papers and books from Washington, DC to Hurricane Landing, Mississippi. Also miscellaneous items in various collections.

Knox College
Seymour Library
Galesburg, IL
Papers: 2 letters (April 11, 1865; March 30, 1885) and 1 telegram (April 15, 1865) in Sang-Lee Civil War collection, 1834-1906.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division
Washington, DC
Papers: 1835-1913. 630 items. Includes correspondence, drafts of speeches, clippings, and material on pre-Civil War issues such as the transcontinental railroad and admission of California as a state. Available on 2 microfilm reels.

Additional Papers: Correspondence in George Watterson papers, 1809-1866; and Riggs family papers, 1763-1945.

Louisiana State University
Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
Baton Rouge, LA
Papers: Correspondence in Jefferson Davis family correspondence, 1868-1907; Thomas O. Moore papers, 1832-1877; 2 letters (1882) in Eli J. Capell family papers, 1817-1932; 1 letter (1883) from Davis in Edward A. Burke papers, 1859-1929; and in Samuel A. Cartwright family papers, 1826-1864.

Memphis State University Library
Mississippi Valley Collection
Memphis, TN
Papers: Personal and business correspondence in Jefferson Davis-Joel Addison Hayes, Jr. family papers, 1864-1882; and letter of introduction from Jefferson Davis while president of Carolina Insurance Company in C. Ellis Tucker papers, 1871-1884. Finding aid. Miami University Library Oxford, OH

Papers: 1847-1890. 491 items. Chiefly correspondence with other Confederate leaders. Part of the Samuel W. Richey collection.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Jackson, MS
Papers: 1815-1919. 753 items and 7 volumes. In part transcripts and photocopies. Correspondence, speeches, legal papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, and portraits.

Museum of the Confederacy
Richmond, VA
Papers: 1847-1889. 7 feet. Family and personal correspondence, official papers, correspondence and other papers relating to his trial and imprisonment, photographs, and portraits.

New Jersey Historical Society
Newark, NJ
Papers: Transcripts of letters and narratives in Civil War papers, 1836-1913.

New-York Historical Society
New York, NY
Papers: 1841-1889. 54 letters.

New York Public Library
New York, NY
Papers: Manuscript of Davis’ biography in Robert McNutt McElroy papers, ca. 1930s; in Walter L. Fleming papers, 1685-1932 (bulk 1845-1932); and Century Company records, 1870-1924.

North Carolina Division of Archives and History
Raleigh, NC
Papers: 1861-1899. 14 items. Includes letters as president of the Confederacy.

Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1840-1885. 9 items.

Princeton University
Seeley G. Mudd Library
Princeton, NJ
Papers: In the Andre deCoppet collection, 1566-1942.

R.W. Norton Art Gallery
Shreveport, LA
Papers: 1861-1865. 2 volumes. Official telegrams relating to sieges of Charleston and Savannah and official telegrams of Generals J.E. Johnston, J.B. Hood, and others relating to the Confederate operations in Georgia (1863-1864). Restricted.

Rosenbach Museum and Library
Philadelphia, PA
Papers: 1853, 1861, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1870, 1874. 16 items. Also telegrams in 1 volume (150 items) of telegrams received by Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, 1861-1865.

South Carolina Historical Society
Charleston, SC
Papers: Correspondence in Mitchell-Pringle family papers, 1805-1875.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Archives Division
Madison, WI
Papers: Correspondence in Ellis E. Jensen Civil War collection, 1759-1899; 2,000-page manuscript of “Jeff Davis Unknown” in John Meloy Stahl papers, ca. 1930-1944; and discussed in John Given Davis papers, 1800-1899.

Transylvania University
Frances Carrick Thomas Library Special Collections
Lexington, KY
Papers: 1824-1906. 1.5 cubic feet. Personal, business, and congressional papers and correspondence, photographs, and portraits. Includes 90 letters written by Davis, 23 during his imprisonment at Fort Monroe. Finding aid.

U.S. Capitol
Office of the Architect
Washington, DC
Papers: Correspondence and documents as secretary of war relating to the construction of the Capitol extensions and dome.

U.S. Military Academy Library
West Point, NY
Papers: Letters in Alexander Hamilton Bowman papers, 1856-1859; and correspondence in Lucia Chauncey Porter papers, 1853-1917.

University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
W.S. Hoole Special Collections
Tuscaloosa, AL
Papers: 1823-1940. 5 feet. In part transcripts and photocopies. Chiefly personal and family correspondence. Also includes political and military correspondence, legal documents, writings, and photographs. Finding aid.

University of Michigan
William L. Clements Library
Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: 59 items (1861-1865) in the Schoff Civil War collection. Chiefly letters to Davis from politicians and generals.

University of North Carolina
Southern Historical Collection
Chapel Hill, NC
Papers: 1853-1902. 13 items. Letters to his friends and miscellaneous papers. Also miscellaneous items in various collections.

University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Rochester, NY
Papers: 5 letters by and 9 to Davis (1856-1870) in various collections. Finding aid.

University of South Carolina
South Caroliniana Library
Columbia, SC
Papers: Research materials and unpublished manuscript biography in Katharine Macbeth Jones papers, 1951-1977.

University of Southern Mississippi
McCain Library and Archives
Hattiesburg, MS
Papers: 1853, 1880. 2 letters. Concern military appointment and a request for information about the Confederate Congress.

University of Texas
Center for American History
Austin, TX
Papers: 1850-1889. 3 scrapbooks. News clippings, pictures, political cartoons, poems, and memorabilia. Material is predominantly northern and anti-Davis. Finding aid.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library
Charlottesville, VA
Papers: Correspondence in various collections. Finding aid.

Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, VA
Papers: Numerous items in various collections. Finding aid.

Virginia State Library and Archives
Richmond, VA
Papers: 2 letters (1861, 1863); 1 letter (June 25, 1823) from father Samuel Davis; 1 letter (March [1], 1863) from Varina Howell Davis; 1 message (February 9, 1864) from Robert E. Lee; 1 letter (March 22, 1870) to Albert Taylor Bledsoe; 1 letter ((August 31, 1889) to Major Walker Taylor; items in Isaac Hammond collection, 1839-1875; Johnston family papers, 1779-1891; Robert E. Lee papers, 1834-1884, copies of originals in Washington and Lee University Library; 309 pages of letters in Robert E. Lee correspondence with Jefferson Davis, 1862-1865; in William H. Payne papers, 1786-1910; and a clipping (February 21, 1911) reminiscence of J. Willcox Brown concerning “Why Jefferson Davis was never tried.”

The Papers of Jefferson Davis
Rice University
Houston, TX
Documentary publication project.
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