WILLIAMS, John, 1731-1799

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South Carolina Historical Society
Charleston, SC
Papers: ca. 1775-1786, 4 items.
A letter, ca. 1775-1780, from John Penn to John Williams noting that “the President” had been staying with him and giving war news. Another letter from 1781, is from James Iredell to John Williams, about political matters. A letter written by John Williams in 1785 to an unidentified recipient concerning judicial matters. The items also contain a receipt signed by John Williams in 1786.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Southern Historical Collection
Chapel Hill, NC
Papers: 1770-1803, 1 volume.
A ledger of John Williams, restored and bound in red leather in about 1930. Entries cover the period from 1770 to 1803 and include accounts, court attendances and fees, and John Williams’s salary as a delegate to the Continental Congress (p. 144). Also included are records of the settlement of the estate of John Williams’s cousin and partner, Richard Henderson. There appear to be no entries for the period when John Williams was in Boonesboro as agent for the Transylvania Company.