SHOWS, Clifford Ronald, 1947-

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives

Guide to Research Collections

The University of Southern Mississippi
McCain Library and Archives
Hattiesburg, MS
Papers: ca. 1996-2003, 11.25 cubic feet.
This collection is comprised of materials that document various aspects of the service of Ronnie Shows. The collection is divided into four series. Series I: Appropriations Files, contains requests, allotments, correspondence and other materials pertaining to appropriations for fiscal years 2000-2003. In many instances, files in this series reflect the title of the committee or subcommittee under whose auspices the appropriations requests fall (Transportation, or Agriculture, for example). Series II: Redistricting Files, consists of materials relating to the reapportionment of Mississippi prior to the 2002 general election. Included are census data, election results, voter statistics, and various plans and proposals regarding how redistricting should be accomplished. Series III: Created Subject Files, is made up of unfoldered materials that were collected and arranged alphabetically, in order to make them more accessible to researchers. Among the materials in this series are newsletters, legislative profiles, Congressman Shows’ voting record, and information regarding franking privileges. The series also contains a significant number of newspaper clippings on the topic of redistricting. Series IV: Files Printed from Disks, contains files concerning appropriations, legislation, military retirees, speeches, newsletters, news releases, and a host of other subjects. In addition, there are a large number of form letters drafted by Mr. Shows and/or his staff.