STEPHENS, John Hall, 1847-1924

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Newberry Library
Chicago, IL
Papers: 1916, 1 item.
A photocopy of a letter from Joseph Hodges Choate to John H. Stephens, Chairman, Committee on Indian Affairs, House of Representatives, written on April 3, 1916. In the letter, Joseph Choate writes regarding legislation on Indian matters then pending in Congress. He reminds John Stephens of the federal government’s continued responsibility to the Indians; reviews U.S. Indian policy, finding the current policy of individualization plausible if properly administered; and argues against three bills, the Hastings Bill (H.R. 108), Senate 3904, and Senate 4452, that would remove authority from the Interior Department and Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and place it with parties less likely to protect Indian interests. Also included is an excerpt from a March 22, 1916, letter from Seneca Indian Arthur C. Parker, a prominent archaeologist, ethnologist, museum director, and authority on Indian affairs, opposing the Hastings Bill. This copy was probably received by Edward E. Ayer, then a member of the Board of Indian Commissioners.