RYAN, Leo Joseph, 1925-1978

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives

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California Historical Society
San Francisco, CA
Papers: In the FBI Collection of Peoples Temple Papers from Jonestown, Guyana, 1972-1978, 15 linear feet.
The papers consist of photocopies of records and papers of Peoples Temple and its members, collected, copied, and held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as evidence in the U.S. government’s investigations and prosecutions for the assassination of Calif. Congressman Leo J. Ryan and for lawsuits against the estate of Peoples Temple in the aftermath of the suicide/mass murder in Nov. 1978. The FBI released copies of the papers to Fabian in 1979, for his work on locating Temple assets, settling claims against the estate, and dissolving the organization. Includes personal papers, including letters and members’ personal documents; organizational records; manuscripts; interview and radio transcripts; financial, legal, and government documents; and research materials. Peoples Temple records include details about the Jonestown agricultural community’s medical, education, and housing efforts, correspondence with the Guyanese government, and reactions to negative media reports and U.S. government investigations. Members’ personal documents include letters to leader Jim Jones, wills, and self-evaluations. Substantial portions of the papers are bank records and Peoples Temple ledgers. An FBI-produced document called the Guyana Index, an outline of categories used by the FBI in identifying and numbering the documents, and an incomplete descriptive inventory created by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, are shelved with MS 3800.

Papers: In the Moore Family Papers, 1968-1988, 14.5 linear feet.
Persons represented include Leo Ryan.

California State Library
California History Room
Sacramento, CA
Papers: In the Richard J. Dolwig Collection, 1950-1981, amount unknown.
Persons represented include Leo Ryan.

Papers: In the John Stanton Political Campaign Collection, 1860-2007, amount unknown.
Persons represented include Leo Ryan.