McKAY, Koln Gunn, 1925-2000

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives

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Utah State University
Special Collections and Archives
Logan, UT
Papers: ca. 1970-1980, amount unknown.
The Gunn McKay papers include correspondence files, case files (included here are military liaison files and Ogden constituent files), legislative files, central files, public affairs files, personal files and democratic party files. Material documents much of the government involvement in Utah during the 1970s. Topics include environmental issues, including materials concerning the Golden Spike National Historic Site upgrade, the creation of several of the national parks in southern and eastern Utah, the question of wilderness policy in the west, and the growth of the Central Utah Project; also includes defense issues, including materials which discuss the planned deployment of the Mx missile system, the ongoing controversy over the army’s testing of nuclear bombs in the 1950s, and copies of the radiation victims hearings held in Utah. In addition to these Utah topics, the collection contains material about the Vietnam war, the environmental movement, Watergate and other national issues of the time. Some restrictions apply to the records. An inventory for the papers is available in the repository.

University of Oklahoma
The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive, Department of Communication
Norman, OK
Videocassettes: 1980-1988, 15 commercials on 4 videocassettes.
The commercials were used during Gunn McKay’s campaigns for the 1980, 1986, and 1988 U.S. congressional elections in District 1 of Utah, Democratic Party.