KUYKENDALL, Dan Heflin, 1924-2008

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives

Guide to Research Collections

University of Memphis Library
Mississippi Valley Collection
Memphis, TN
Papers: 1962-1974, 32 volumes.
Collection contains letters of congratulation, speeches, press releases, schedules, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. Unpublished finding aid in repository.

University of Memphis Library
Oral History Research Office
Memphis, TN
Oral History: 1976, amount unknown.
An oral history interview with Dan Kuykendall concerning the Winfield Dunn Administration conducted on May 17, 1976.

University of Oklahoma
The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive, Department of Communication
Norman, OK
Film Reel: 1964, 1 commercial on 1 film reel.
The commercial was used during Dan Kuykendall’s campaign for the 1964 U.S. senatorial election in Tennessee, Republican Party.