GORE, Christopher, 1758-1827

Courtesy U.S. Senate Historical Office

Guide to Research Collections

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 10 items and portrait.

Boston University
Boston, MA
Papers: 1786. 1 letter.

Harvard University
Graduate School of Business Administration Baker Library
Boston, MA
Papers: In records of lawyers in New England, 1719-1912. Includes accounts of Gore Mansion, Waltham, MA. Appointment necessary to consult collection.

Harvard University
Houghton Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: 11 items.

Massachusetts Archives
Boston, MA
Papers: 1809. 1 letter. From Governor Gore to governor of Cuba.

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
Papers: 135 items (ca. 1780-1853) including political letters in various collections. Also portrait and bust.

Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1822. 1 item.