BOYD, Linn, 1800-1859

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Alben W. Barkley Museum
Paducah, KY
Papers: 1855-1979, 15 cubic feet.
Subjects covered in the museum include Linn Boyd.

Filson Club Historical Society
Louisville, KY
Papers: 1800-1859, 3 items.
The papers include letters regarding a subscription, Linn Boyd’s desire to again be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, and a recommendation for a federal appointment on a commission to establish Texas’s state line.

Papers: In the Norvin Green Papers, 1802-1892, 6 cubic feet.
Subjects covered in the papers include Linn Boyd. A card index for the papers is available in the repository.

University of Kentucky Libraries
Lexington, KY
Papers: In the Boyd Family Papers, 1830-1915, 1,071 items.
The heart of the collection is the group of 93 letters from Linn Boyd to his wife from April 2, 1850 to July 7, 1858. The letters document Linn Boyd’s activities in the passage of the Compromise Bill of 1850, his election as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and his presidential prospects in 1852 as well as the prospects of the other leading contenders. Other letters deal with Kentucky politics throughout the 1850s in general and after 1856 in particular, including his attempt to regain a leading position in state politics and also a seat in the United States Senate. Other correspondence deals with the impending crisis and Linn Boyd’s land and railroad interests. This group of letters written by Linn Boyd also contains ten letters and broadsides addressed to various political figures and the electorate.