BELL, Theodore Arlington, 1872-1922

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University of California, Berkeley
The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, CA
Papers: ca. 1906, 16 pages.
Typescript with manuscript annotations of a campaign speech, author and speaker unknown, given before a committee in Ukiah, California through an invitation by the Democratic State Committee in support of the Democratic Party candidate Theodore Bell for governor of California. The speech asserts that the Republicans have nominated their candidate, James Norris Gillett, through a political process heavily influenced by “trusts” and large corporations, particularly the Southern Pacific Railway. He offers as proof the Republican’s refusal to renominate a popular and well-respected judge of their own party, Wheaton A. Gray of Tulare, California, who had supported another candidate for governor unless he changed his support to Gillett, and the defeat of a bill in the U.S Congress, with California Republican help, that would have helped San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake because it was against the interests of the trusts. He offers that Bell would be an independent voice in support of the people of California and not be beholden to powerful corporate interests.