ALLISON, John, 1812-1878

Image courtesy of Library of Congress

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The Morgan Library and Museum
New York, NY
Papers: 1869, 1 item.
A letter from John Allison, F.E. Spinner, A.Z. McCarty, and B. Pringle to E.R. Hoar, Attorney General. The letter was written on March 31, 1869. In the letter, David Barclay is recommended as a U.S. District Attorney.

University of California, Santa Barbara
Special Collections, Davidson Library
Santa Barbara, CA
Papers: 1858, 1 item.
A letter from C. C. Washburn from Washington, D. C. to Will written on December 18, 1858. In the letter, Washburn acknowledges Will’s favor of the 4th and to promise support for him over two other members of the 34th Congress, namely, Jim Thorington and John Allison. The letter states that if he doesn’t support Will, it will not be because he doesn’t like him.